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At Eleon Capital Management (ECM), we understand that fund promotion and marketing are essential for the success of any Alternative Investment Fund (AIF). ECM offers comprehensive services to assist Fund Managers, Owners and Advisors in reaching their target investors and raising capital.


The Fund Marketing Services include:

  • Market research and analysis: Assistance to Fund Managers and Advisors in identifying and understanding the target market and developing effective marketing strategies.

  • Content creation: The design and production of high-quality marketing materials, including pitch decks, brochures, and website content.

  • Digital marketing: Assistance to Fund Managers and Advisors in reaching the target audience through various of digital channels, such as compliant social media, email marketing, and paid advertising.

  • Investor relations: Assistance to Fund Managers and Advisors to build and maintain relationships with key investors.

  • Meetings & Presentations: The arrangement of introductions, professional meetings, or roadshows to connect Fund Managers or Fund Advisors with prospective investors in specific geographical locations.


ECM Fund Marketing Department strives to assist Fund Managers and Fund Advisors to raise capital and grow their Fund businesses. ECM Fund Marketing Department is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality services and support.

Why Choose Eleon Capital Management Fund Marketing Department?

ECM and its Fund Marketing Department comprise a dynamic team of experienced professionals who deeply understand the Alternative Investment Fund industry. With a proven track record of valued support in assisting Fund Managers and Advisors to raise capital and grow their Funds. The ECM Marketing Department is committed to communicating closely and providing clients with the highest quality services and support.


Stavros Mavrikis, Head of the Fund Marketing & Sales Department, is a seasoned professional with 15 years of experience assisting and supporting Funds to raise capital in broad EU regions, including France, Spain, Gibraltar, Greece, and Cyprus. Stavros strives to develop and execute effective marketing strategies and is passionate about assisting clients achieve their goals.


Stavros Mavrikis has a deep understanding of the Investment Industry and the unique needs of the Fund Market. He has implemented successful business plans, strategic sales, and targeted marketing activities for various Investment Products and Services. Stavros has advanced relationship management skills with Banks, Insurance Companies, IFAs, Brokers, Family Offices and High-Net-Worth individuals. 


Stavros Mavrikis' expertise and experience in approaching Financial and Private Network Groups make him a valuable asset to any Fund aiming to raise capital. With his commitment to client collaboration and success, Stavros works tirelessly to craft and implement a customized Marketing Strategy that effectively meets each client’s and Fund’s specific needs.

Contact the ECM Fund Marketing Department 


To learn more about our compliant Fund Promotion and Marketing Services, please send us an email at / or call us at: +357 22 021 634  / + 357 96936555 

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